Chickamauga Lake 4-28-18

Lake Chickamauga can show it’s true colors with some solid fish when it’s on, and then there are times that it can humble you when trying to figure them out. The last couple of days has been a combination of both. We’ve caught fish from a foot of water out to 20 ft. of water, and we’ve seen several that put on a short showing and decide they had somewhere better to go than in the boat. The last 2 days however have been an absolute “blast” with some great action shallow and deep. The main lures have been Choo Choo Shakers and Echo Crankbaits up shallow, Producer Swimbaits out on some deeper areas, and spoons on the even deeper ledges, yes spoons. The fish are starting to make their move to these areas and the action should get more consistent for a while. Have some fun! Mike Carter