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Chickamauga Lake 5-18-18

Today I got the opportunity to enjoy a couple of great friends catching some solid fish, uh solid “HAWGS” on Lake Chickamauga. These guys had an absolute “blast” at getting to experience some consistent big fish action, and I do stress the words “BIG FISH”! I think now that they may be “hooked” on what […]

Lake Chickamauga 5-16-18

Lake Chickamauga has really picked up with the fish moving out from their spawning cycle. The bite has finally gotten more consistent with fishing around the deeper ledges and grass lines. The early topwater bite has gotten a lot better also and the deeper bite with Producer Swimbaits has finally started showing some progress, and […]

Chickamauga Lake

“DANG” you just got to love Chickamauga Lake this time of year. These guys may not have gotten the “Big Chick HAWG”, but they had an absolute blast catching a lot of numbers of small to quality size fish. They were able to catch fish on topwater early, and Choo Choo Shakers, Producer Swimbaits, and […]

Chickamauga Lake 4-29-18

To go from almost 80 degrees yesterday to the mid 40’s this morning was a big “blow” to fishing conditions, and to “ME”! This has been typical with the weather this year, and it seems we should be use to these “drastic” changes by now. “BUT” the bite didn’t change, well not much at least. […]